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It's A Game Changer

Welcome to where our exclusive i-Tech foam partner to create the perfect mattress, designed for complete comfort and convenience and ships compactly for easy transportation, retailer and consumer handling.  Our foam and fabric, including our cloud soft woven cover, are completely made in USA.  

Freight, logistics, and handling all contribute to the cost of merchandising a product.  When that cost becomes huge, such as in traditional mattress retailing, they also become a barrier to a retailer looking to enter that merchandise categoy.

 GameChangerBrand recognized the retailer's challenge and set out to provide the solution.  We designed and developed quality mattresses that 
  • ship economically to the retailer, 
  • can be handled efficiently in the retail environment,
  • take up minimal space on the retail floor, 
  • offer greater returns per square foot, 
  • in attractive and informative packaging 
  • that the end-user consumer can easily cash and carry.    

While our mattresses meet full industry standard sizes, the packaging conforms to standards set by small parcel carries like UPS and Fedex Ground, offering the added convenience of delivery direct to consumer.


Just Add Air™

The GameChangerMattress

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According to a report released by Global Industy Analysts, Inc., the global mattress market is projected to reach $24.65 billion by 2017.  That's a big number!  (Read the  article here.)   By 2020, they anticipate that figures soars to $37.9 billion.

The truth is, most people don't especially look forward to the shopping experience of buying a mattress.  There are too many choices, a zillion buzz words and mysterious marketing cliches for the shopper to understand as to what certain mattresses *do* for you, and  pressured-to-perform sales people on the customer's back.  Then, if a sale is made, there is the the logistic hassle to the retailer of delivering the mattress to the consumer and the consumer having to deal with the possibility of being inconvenienced by the delivery itself.

GameChangerBrand is out to change that with new and convenient distribution channels that every retailer can profit and grow from.  Thanks to technological advancement in both product design and packaging, we are able to offer up to a luxury quality King size mattress in a  compact, conveninent, manageable, carry-home box.  Once in the room the mattress will be used, the consumer bring to it's full size by simply exposing it to air.  No assembly, no mess, and with minimal packaging to dispose of.

Now you can merchandise a premium luxury grade king size mattress in the floor or shelf space of 2  square feet.

Let it Breathe™

When it's your brand on the outside, make sure it's our quality on the inside. 

GameChangerMattress's compact packaging makes  logistics and handling a breeze for the retailer and consumer.  

With expertise at every step of the product design,  through the entire fulfillment process from shipping through distribution, GameChangerMattress has been designed for comfort, quality, and convenience.

See how easy it is for the consumer to use switch out an old mattress for the GameChangerMattress.

  • Cash & Carry convenience
  • Instant consumer gratification
  • Take-Home-Now-Box™
  • Great Value your customers will appreciate and recommend to others

Store Branding

  • 2 in 1 Seasonal Design
  • Comfort Range,  Plush to Firm
  • Store Brand Differintiation
  • Color Embroidered Branding
  • Private Label /OEM Pressure Relieving Technology
  • Exclusive Propriotary Design Elements
  • Fashion Statement
  • Great Margins and Outstanding Value
  • $37.9 Billion Global Market